To do our bit in saving the environment by reducing a large number of floral offerings from religious places being dumped into various water bodies, we at Recycle Aastha constantly work towards creating products that can be recycled and reused. By segregation of different flowers, we create products like incense sticks, incense cones, havan samagri, etc. that can once again become part of the religious activities and thereby be a contributing factor in preserving the faith
of millions of devotees who offer sacred flowers at religious places.

To craft some of the most premium aromatic products out of sacred floral and bio-degradable offerings in an eco-friendly way we always follow the certified government methods. With a certification from CSIR-CIMAP (Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, Lucknow) we work round the clock for creating only the best of the best incense products.

Recycle Aastha has a dedicated team involved in research to constantly focus on discovering alternate resources for making all our products organic and environment friendly. Our entire product range consists of flower-cycled products collected from temples, homes, as well as commercial complexes, thereby giving the people an environment friendly option for decomposing their holy offerings. All of our products are charcoal free and pose no threat whatsoever to the

The processes used by Recycle Aastha are tested and validated by a group of scientists working in national lab i.e CSIR-CIMAP to create premium as well as valuable products from these bio- resources.