``2 TONNES`` of temple flowers are
being recycled on a daily basis,
here in Recycle Aastha

We know how important it is when it comes to “Spiritual Emotions” for everyone. Recycle Aastha is trying hard to make this legacy maintained.

Daily millions of tonnes of flowers are offered to temples in India by worshipers, and when the Pandit Ji, gives the flower offerings back to the people, many of us are unable to honor them due to many circumstances. Many throw it like garbage, some put it under a peepal tree, or others put it like trash anywhere. “THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG AND PAINFUL MOMENT FOR THE SPIRITUALITY” so we have to improve.

Also in some scenarios, people dump these flowers in the holy rivers like Yamuna or Ganga and that too in bulk, which is contributing more pollution level increase in these rivers after industrial chemical waste and other trash.

Recycle Aastha is collecting the flowers offered in temples on a daily basis to recycle them (We are making incense sticks, hawan samagri, sambrani cups, herbal gulal, rose water and many more things) and the numbers are above 2 Tonnes a day, but this is just .01% of the total recycling requirement in NCT. Delhi alone.

We want to help so we have to grow, but without your helping hand success is just a dream. So help us to grow, refer your known or nearest temples, Recycle Aastha will help them to recycle their temple’s flowers too.