फूल भले मीठा ना हो,
लेकिन होता प्रसाद ही है

Recycle Aastha Process Flow Chart

Home & Office Pooja Residue Collection

Almost we all do pooja (worship) in our home and offices, and as per our sacred texts, all our rituals are in accordance with it.
The most basic key ingredient in any pooja is flowers, and along with flowers we use diya, jyot batti, matchsticks, kalawa, and many more things.

Now the point is what we are doing with these pooja residues??

Are we throwing these pooja residues like garbage?
Are we dumping it into the river?
Are we leaving these residues somewhere (Like under peepal tree or inside temples secretly)??
If any of this scenario is true then “We are insulting our rituals, our tradition, our spirituality, the aura of our god, blessings of the eternal soul. Because:

These residues are as pure as the blessings of “Paramatma”, so why are we wasting these sacred things, why are we insulting.

Yamuna is one of the dirtiest rivers in India because of our industrial wastes, and not just industrial waste but dumping unnecessary pooja residues are only contributing to the increment of water pollution, don’t you think this has to stop ASAP.

We all do devotion for the glorification of our Paramatma, to get the blessings, to have a peaceful environment but at the same time, we dishonor these sacred leftovers residues after every pooja.

A Solution By Recycle Aastha

After lots of researches and by using scientifically tested methods, Recycle Aastha has come up with a solution “Recycling”.

Recycle Aastha is trying to help maintain the environment clean, we collect home or office pooja residues right from your doorstep.

What Do We Do With It?

We recycle these residues to make incense sticks, sambrani cup, dhoop, samagri, rose water, natural fertilizers through our certified vermicompost method.

What Will We Collect?

Spirituality and devotion never have sizes and limitations. Our team members will guide you properly at the time of subscribing.

Charges & Visit Frequency?

We charge a very nominal amount per month (Contact Us For Fees). Recycle Aastha’s collection team will visit twice a month and will collect right from the home or office.

How to Join?

You can send us a whatsapp or text message to this number, Click this number to start chat. +91 9999559070. You can even call us and our team will help you join the service.